Store It® Star basket 19L

Article number Measurements(LxWxH) Material Pack PCS/Pallet Colour EAN
7319-0100 358x271x240mm PP 10 240 White 7318140008545
7319-0815 358x271x240mm PP 10 240 Khaki Green 7318140017035
7319-1000 358x271x240mm PP 10 240 Beige 7318140017608
7319-1100 358x271x240mm PP 10 240 Grey 7318140008620
7319-1600 (Out) 358x271x240mm PP 10 240 Pink (Out 2023) 7318140008651
7319-1610 358x271x240mm PP 10 240 Dusty Pink 7318140017004

Our largest Star basket - perfect for the towels in the bathroom, the larger toys in the children's room or for gloves and hats in the hall. Practical A4 format. Use it as a stylish newspaper basket or why not for the coloring books in the children's room?

Combined with the insert in the series, it also makes an excellent knitting basket or storage for the small tool collection!

Free from BPA and manufactured in Sweden from food-approved polypropylene plastic (PP).


The product is sorted as hard plastic and is 100% recyclable.