Storage box Store It® 20L

Article number Measurements(LxWxH) Material Pack PCS/Pallet Colour EAN
7820-0100 390x290x245mm PP 8 192 White 7318140007661
7820-0200 390x290x245mm PP 8 192 Black 7318147820027
7820-0500 390x290x245mm PP 8 192 Transp. 7318147820058
6810-0500 (Lid) 390x290x15mm PP 8 576 Transp. 7318146810050

The boxes in our Store It series are practical storage for e.g. garage, basement and attic.
The series has a stylish design that becomes part of your home decor in children's rooms, walk-in closets, offices or media rooms.

Available as transparent or solid colored

Transparent lids (6810-0500) with simple snap lock are purchased separately.

Made of food-approved Polypropylene plastic, 100% recyclable and withstands temperatures from -40°C to +120°C.