Multi-use Cutlery - ECO - 4-pk

Article number Measurements(LxWxH) Material Pack PCS/Pallet Colour EAN
0413-1100 (Fork) 182x28x28mm PP 20/480 5760 Grey 7318140010555
0414-1100 (Knife) 184x24x30mm PP 20/480 5760 Grey 7318140010562
0415-1100 (Spoon) 182x39x28mm PP 20/480 5760 Grey 7318140010579

Stylish cutlery
Perfect for excursions, mingling, boating and camping where weight matters.
Delivered in 4-pack

Made of Fossil-free Polypropylene plastic (PP) from renewable raw materials, ISCC Plus-certified production according to mass balance approach.
Read more about this under: ISCC - Fossil-free plasticproduction


Food Approved Polypropylene (PP)
ISCC certified
Withstands temperatures from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C.
Dishwasher safe.


Label: Soft plastic (Fti - Recycling station)
Product: Hard plastic (Recycling center)