Shopping basket 30L - Giant

Article number Measurements(LxWxH) Material Pack PCS/Pallet Colour EAN
3301-0701 450x330x270mm PP 25 250 Yellow
3301-0201 450x330x270mm PP 25 250 Black
3301-0301 450x330x270mm PP 25 250 Red
3301-0601 450x330x270mm PP 25 250 Blue
3301-0801 450x330x270mm PP 25 250 Green


A Great Seller

As the name indicates, The Giant is our biggest shopping basket. Holding no less than 30 litres, it carries a lot more than a packet of cereals and a few rolls of paper towels. But despite its size and stable construction, it weighs a mere 900 grammes. The Giant doesn't occupy much space in the store, and it stacks efficiently: a stack of 40 baskets is just 172 cm high!

Take a look at the handle - it is attached to the short sides of the basket, wich makes it easier to carry. And easier to fill with goods.