Shopping basket 27L - SuperGrip

Article number Measurements(LxWxH) Material Pack PCS/Pallet Colour EAN
9271-3000 480x330x250mm PP 22 220 Red
9271-5017 480x330x250mm PP 22 220 Blue (RAL 5017)
9271-6024 480x330x250mm PP 22 220 Green (RAL 6024)
9271-7040 480x330x250mm PP 22 220 Grey (RAL 7040)


                                              SuperGrip Kundkorg 27L Blå

SuperGrip - For bulky items

Like Super, the 27 litre SuperGrip is ideal for grocery shopping.
With it's two extra grab handles and sturdy design, SuperGrip is also well-suited to specialist stores such as
ironmongers and paint stores.

This basket in also available in recycled material. Please contact us for minimum order quantity.