HUFO - Biofilter for water purification

HUFO™ filling-plates were designed in the beginning of the 1980's with the aim to eliminate the less good qualities in the more or less cylinder shaped random material.

The deformation from covering last and the tendency to take positions that created ineffective overhead-surfaces were a couple of negative experiences. The progressive work resulted in a discus shaped filling-plate consisting of a lower outer ring and a higher inner ring held together by a number of standing discs.The highest point consists of crossing plates in the inner ring and the lower periphery part consists of a number of small radial projecting discs on the outer ring held together by a lying support ring. The filling-plates width/height relation is 5,3-3,1:1.

Field of application
For aerobe and anaerobe biological treatment of sewerage water from
- local water and sewer systems
- provision industries
- mass- and paperindustries
- petrochemical systems
- pharmaceutical industries
- chemical industries
- de-icing plants

For upgrading of bio beds with stone filter. For aerobe biological smell reduction of gases from water and sewer systems and industries. Carrying capacity material for precipitating drinking water and contaminated subsoil water. Filter material in cooling towers and scrubbers.

High wet-ability  degree is a prerequisite for the active substance in order to make the purifying process achieve a good spreading on the surface of the filter. During the fusion off  HUFO discus shaped filling-plates a filter is obtained whose part-element easily can be wetted on each side when the fluid is passing through the filter. With HUFOs low profile a close fragmentation is obtained and spreading of the stream of fluid will result in a long break, high oxygenation capacity and an intense contact with the micro-organisms of the bio-skin.

HUFO filling-plates can be optionally preserved in the filter construction with the transport arrangements which are made available in every particular case. Filling-plates are preserved in unattached shape in order to achieve the best preservation considering carrying capacity and wet-ability.

HUFO filling-plates are delivered in sacks.

HUFO filling-plates consist of polypropylene with the addition of 1-2% graphite in order to resist ultraviolet radiation as well as 12-18% talc so as to increase the specific weight and the strength. HUFO filling-plates endure temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. The material has a very good chemical  resistance.

The filling-plates are reusable as well as recyclable. HUFO filling-plates have a longer technical lifespan than the constructions that they are normally built into. The filling-plates can easily be transferred and reused in another purifying plant.

The discus shape makes the filling-plates aim for a horizontal placing with a slightly leaning part- element that in the correct manner transfer covering last to the vertical path and gives a minimum of overhead-surfaces. The peripheral discs constitutes as bumper guards that secure the highest possible accessibility of the filling-plate surface. The filling-plates can be obtained with the specific surfaces 100, 120 and 200 m2/m3. The volume weight is 45 kg/m3 roughly measured. The filling-plates for local sewage water do normally have a wet surface of 100-120 m2 /m3. HUFO-filling-plates can be tipped into the bio filter, which is why no time-wasting mounting of the filter material is needed.

Carrying capacity
HUFO filling-plates are heavily dimensioned and have a material weight of 45-50 kg/m3.
As random material HUFO has a very low percentage of compact packing due to its discus shape which aims to pile the filling-plates horizontally. This shape of compact packing creates an intense contact with the micro-organisms of the bio-skin.  

Height of filter
Filter up to the height of 8m can be used for processes with voluminous biological outgrowth without intervening bumper guards. For processes with low outgrowth, for instance nitrogen processes and smell reduction, can the free filter height increase even more.

Filter construction
Filter with HUFO filling-plates can be constructed with general sized filling-plates or with different sizes divided into different layers. When stone material was used the usual way of constructing was with filters in different layers with different specific surfaces per m3 where the largest stones were built-in the top layer and the more delicate material in the layers below. The filter is constructed in the same way with different layers with HUFO, the filling-plates of more open execution and less specific surface in the top layer and filling-plates of closer execution and larger specific surface in the layers below.  

HUFO biofilters for water purification filling-plates have been used in local and industrial purifying plants for over 20 years.


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